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Workshop Reviews

What our clients say about our training and workshops for staff development on international higher education marketing.

Google Analytics Workshop 2015
"The Google analytics workshop fulfilled all my high expectations. I have been using Google analytics for a few years for the most basic web metrics, i.e. to find out which pages are most popular and the number of visitors for certain pages. During the workshop I didn't just learn the more technical aspects of how Google Analytics works. I also learned which menus and numbers are relevant and how to use these numbers when recruiting students. Both Thijs and Elias were very clear with what they wanted us to learn. They didn't get lost in explaining the large amount of menus and options, but stayed focused. The price was competitive as well. Clearly one of the best web-related workshops I have taken part in. Seemed like everyone got something out of the day, even though the group was very diverse."
Mats Engblom, Swedisch School of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Google Analytics Workshop 2014
I attended a workshop led by Thijs on Google Analytics for International Marketing & Recruitment. The workshop was very informative, and the instructions were clear and concise. I was able to return from his workshop and immediately apply the lessons learned to determine the effectiveness of our digital marketing channels. Thijs showed me best practices on how to create well made landing pages designed to funnel users to our CRM system to gather data and how this in conjunction with Google Analytics could be used to determine our return on investment from our marketing efforts. I would recommend his program to anyone who would like to know definitively if their marketing budget is being spent in the right place.
Matthew Ward, Marketing Assistant, University of Gloucestershire

Strategic Marketing Workshop 2013
"When Thijs calls saying that he is organising a new training session I simply look at the map to see which airline will take me there. I have had the pleasure of attending several of the seminars that Thijs has offered and I always learn useful things that I can use in my current job, even though I have been in Higher Education Marketing for over 12 years."
Santi Alias, Universidad Autonoma Barcelona

Branding Workshop 2012
"This course was great! From beginning to end we were kept engaged with the right amount of theory and real-world application, specifically examples that applied to education industry. I really enjoyed the way in which the course was taught - it was highly interactive, had the right amount of group work and above all there was no doubt that Tim and Thijs are both experts in their field (not to mention thoroughly entertaining). Since returning to work I have already been able to apply, and argue the principles behind, much of what we learnt. I will definitely be putting my hand up for upcoming workshop."
Korinne Algie, ICEF GmbH

"The strong focus on higher education in this branding course was really good. Clear examples of websites and social media were used. This, combined with a very international group of participants all strongly linked to HE, created a great setting for improving our brand. On top of that, some useful practical models and instruments were presented."
Nienke Bastiaans, University of Groningen

Branding Workshop 2011
"A truly valuable workshop, with positive emphasis on work. Experts in the field, Tim and Thijs both have the refreshing quality of making theory understandable and practice interesting and fun. Two rewarding days with highly relevant learning outcomes."
Stian Thowsen, SIU

"The workshop creates inspiration and an open mind to think of branding of your institution within the framework offered during this course. Through discussions, case studies, theories and short assignments your view on how you can develop the brand of your institution is deepened."
Sarah Steendam, IHS Erasmus University Rotterdam

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