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Market Research and Analysis

We provide full-service higher education marketing solutions for growing your international business activities in specific countries and regions. This is carried out through our European office and our worldwide network of representatives.


"Acknowledging the importance of having a good marketing and recruitment plan for our international programmes, but lacking the time to write one ourselves, we decided to make use of the services offered by iE&D Solutions. It turned out a very good idea to have "outsiders" do a quick scan and write this plan. The result of the objective way of looking at things, combined with the excellent and specialised knowledge of Thijs van Vugt in these fields, opened the eyes of many faculty members regarding the marketing of our English taught programmes. We are very happy with the quick scan, marketing plan and (very helpful) country action plans and can start putting them into use right away."

Anette van Sandwijk, Head International Office, Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam

For more information about our market research and analysis, please see our client testimonials or contact Thijs van Vugt.